Marionettes Dance 2015

A DVD produced by Claude Chalhoub

Directed by Boris Penth


1. September Tango   Watch Video

2. Broken Spirit

3. Marionettes Dance

4. Mon Ami Satie

5. Pièce en forme de habanera



Diwan 2008 

Herzog records


1. Diva                                                        10. Shadow 

2. Aesthetic                                                11. Cello Melody 

3. Poupée                                                    12. Cavengers Dance 

4. Drop                                                       13. Attacca 

5. Prelude                                                   14. May Ouverture 

6. Scherzo                                                 15. Violin Thing  

                                                                            7. Ouverture                                            16. At Night 17.caaravan                                                                   

                                                                           8. Recitative ala Baroque                      17. Caravan 

                                                                           9. Ornament                                            Click here for more information

Singing on the violin 2007

A film by Boris Penth


This film essay focuses on the music of Claude Chalhoub, a highly gifted violinist and composer from Lebanon, who was classically trained at the Royal College of Music in London. When Chalhoub composes and plays, he has abstract visions – he visualizes sounds as rays of light and shades of colours, for example, shifting a succession of notes from a cold blue into a warm red and on to a lighter pink. His work is an experiment with these spheres, which help him create his own sound. The music he stands for today is best considered „world music“ – in both an artistic as well as political sense. As concert master of the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra (in 1999) he worked together with Daniel Barenboim and other artists from the Middle East and Germany. Due to his classical training Chalhoub can combine his Eastern roots with a deep understanding of Western classical music. He is a charismatic performer on stage – which this film will show in various recordings of live performances. In addition to his concerts, the film also offers other documentary and „experimental“ elements – impressions of Chalhoub’s hometown Beirut  Click here for more information

Claude Chalhoub 2001

Teldec classics warner

1. Red Desert                                                   6. Kaa

2. Gnossienne                                                  7. Two Angels

3. Baddour                                                        8. Melancholia

4. Oriental Images                                         9. Don't wake me up [Spring Mix]

5. Don't wake me up                                    Click here for more information