As a composer, Claude Chalhoub’s versatility is well-known as he undertakes several roles in the composition process; as a composer, producer, score producer, instrumental soloist as well as orchestrator.




Several of Claude Chalhoub’s compositions have been used in film productions, among which the most well-known are “Persona non grata” by Oliver Stone (2003), “Yes” by Sally Potter (2004) and “Into the Wild” by Sean Penn (2007). Chalhoub was commissioned as a composer for the film “Koran by heart” by Greg Barker (2011).



He also frequently contributes as an instrumental soloist in film productions such as “India: Kingdom of the Tiger” by director Bruce Neibaur (2002), “Caramel” (2007) and “Where do we go now?” (2011) by the successful Lebanese director Nadine Labaki. In 2007 Chalhoub also contributed as a soloist in the National Geographic 3D documentary “Sea Mosters: A Prehistoric Adventure” by director Sean MacLeod Phillips.



Apart from his contributions to the film industry, Chalhoub is also well-known to compose and arrange albums of other artists. In 2012 he composed and arranged the song “Al tayrou taraban yougharedou” on the album “Ghazal” by Lebanese soprano Majida El Roumi and the following year Chalhoub produced her entire album “Nour men Nour” (2013).


Stage and Screen, Classical.

Film music, Original score, Film score, Soundtracks, Movie themes, Orchestral.


Music Department:

Musician: instrumental soloist (violin)

Composer: theme music

Score producer



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