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Welcome to my website glad you are here,

my name is Claude Chalhoub, I am a composer and a violinist.

As a musician I first delved into classical music performance while gradually growing my original compositions repertoire and film music collaborations. 

I studied music at the Royal College of Music in London and subsequently joined as concertmaster the West Eastern Divan Orchestra with Daniel Barenboim, I also had the privilege to collaborate with Yo Yo Ma and the Silk Road. 

My first album Claude Chalhoub in 2001 was produced by Warner’s Teldec Classics International in collaboration with producer Michael Brook in California. These first compositions consisted of classical elements being blended with Indian and Arabic music. 

My compositions found recognition with film directors including Nadine Labaki, Boris Penth, Greg Barker, Marc Manning, Sean Penn, Oliver Stone, Sally Potter, and Bruce Neibaur. For a list of films, see my profile on  

I am deeply grateful to Dr. Boris Penth, a German film director, who took the time to capture my approach to music composition & performance in a biographical film documentary called ‘Singing on the Violin’.

In 2008, I released my second album Diwan with Herzogs records in collaboration with the Leipzig Gewandhaus orchestra in Germany. This album featured original compositions in a baroque and oriental style. 

I toured extensively performing the classical repertoire for violin as well as my original compositions meeting magnificent musicians and orchestras world-wide. 

In recent years, I released 2 new albums featuring distinctly analog electronic sounds together with acoustic instruments.

Under my Skin was released in 2020, and my latest album Drifting in 2021.

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